Precision Machined Products

Swiss screw machines are the ideal solution for precision machined products, particularly small parts in medium to high volume. Our 21st century equipment is based on 19th century machining concepts that have been proven over the past 150 years. Because of the use of a guide bushing to support the raw material, Swiss screw machines can hold precise and accurate dimensions, all day and all night.

Originally developed to make small, high precision watch and clock parts, Swiss screw machines give Swissturn the ability to ensure that our customers are getting the quality components that their products require.

Swiss screw machining is the ideal choice for parts with a high length to diameter ratio (i.e., long parts with small diameter). We can turn parts down to .010 diameter and hold a close tolerance over long lengths. In addition, the rigidity of the raw material in the guide bushing results in very good machined surface finishes.

CNC Swiss screw machines are capable of turning, milling, drilling, boring, and threading of very sophisticated geometries. Our Solidworks CAD and PartMaker CAM software allow us to handle extremely complex designs.